About the Artist - Alan Giltzow

2014 Award

Since 2007, Alan Giltzow has designed the custom-made plate presented to the recipient of the Max Dalton Open Government Award. The plates are made using the Raku process, in which the pre-cut pieces are fired in a kiln and placed red-hot in sawdust. The resulting smoke creates unique patterns in the various glazes applied to the plates, making each work one of a kind.

Giltzow lives in Donnelly, Idaho. His work ranges from wall sculptures and whimsical animals to functional pieces. He doesn't take himself or his art too seriously, having no deep philosophical thoughts concerning his processes. He just enjoys producing art that makes him feel good.

Contact Information:
Alan Giltzow
Desperate Artists
199 Hazel Place
Donnelly, ID 83615
(208) 325-8089


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